Our Company

USDEVCO is a quality software development consulting firm servicing South Florida for over 10 years. After working with different business models, both start-ups, and established companies, the creators of USDEVCO decided to service clients within the specific area of their business...Business Systems. What we have found in our years in different business sectors is that is a huge gap between the character of the company itself and what it actually does. You have companies that claim to be above board, but the reality of the service that they provide is that there is nothing above par about it. There is no standard by which they hold themselves accountable.

Being a Christian firm, we found that we needed to hold ourselves accountable to the Lords standards as well as our clients, which would make the perfect combination.

How Do We Do it?

Understanding Where you have been... Allows us to respect your vision for the future...

We feel that software development and the technology world is complicated enough....Why make it more than it already is!!

Not all Consulting Firms are Created Equal

After being exposed to so many different business models we examined what makde consulting firms winners and losers.. We came to the simple conclusion that what we do is not for everyone.